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"ASG have brought their ‘A-Game’ to our latest product range."

Hansie Goedoen, Owner, MONTA Soccer

Monta™ Street Soccerball backpack – July 07

footballerThe Background

MONTA™ is Street Soccer – born on the street. MONTA™ is the premiere, specialised Street Soccer brand. MONTA™ lives and breathes Street Soccer, something clearly reflected in every product that carries the MONTA™ label. The brand designs & develops unique, high quality clothing, street soccer shoes, apparel and accessories.

Since 1999, Street Soccer has undergone an evolution triggered by the way the game was played in the streets of Holland: Leading International Dutch players started their education on these streets, and thousands of Dutch youth have proved that Street Soccer is more than merely a game – it’s a Way of Life and due to the focus of MONTA™, Street Soccer from the Cradle™ was born and with it the Original Street Soccer brand; MONTA™.

The Challenge

One of the many unique MONTA™ products is the 4.5-sized Street Soccer ball. Manufactured according to patented production techniques and in denim or canvas materials, the ball has become an iconic product within the Street Soccer scene.

MONTA™ approached ASG Europe (via sports trade recommendations) to design, develop & supply a bag product that would hold & transit the iconic Street Soccer Ball. They did not want some standard design. They wanted a product that would perform not only in function but also in form, and expose the Street Soccer Ball whilst being stored & carried.

MONTA™ consumers & the Street Legends (endorsed by Edgar Davids) are proud individuals. As their personal Street Soccer Ball wears, it becomes unique to them. It expresses their street marks & own skills. It was important that ASG supplied a bag that stood up to the demands of MONTA™, the Street Legends & their brand followers.

Our Solution

ASG Europe’s vision was to use technical materials and seam constructions on a pocket &/or area of the bag that would mould around the sphere shape, be functional & durable. The ASG Europe design & development team worked hard on innovation sketches, visual ideas & test samples with the sample master in ASG’s Asian based sample room.

The final solution was a Neoprene™ & Velcro™ wrap created in a figure of 8. Soon named the ‘8BallWrap’, this offered strong product support and exposed the ball through open sections. By using other tough materials and placing the ball pocket at the base, the bag would have support & upper compartments could be used to carry other Street Soccer gear such as the ball repair kit or personal items – wallet, mp3 player, and a camcorder to film those special Street Soccer moves.’

The Results

The project once again proved that ASG Europe can produce innovative products with excellent results. Not only has ASG Europe supplied the bag successfully to MONTA™ & global licensees, the bag has been used by the Street Legends during worldwide tours, retailed within Footlocker and featured in editorials about innovative sports products.

Due to the success of the MONTA™ designed style, the 8BallWrap™ is now Patent Pending and various other models are developed which feature this technology.

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