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"When we're creating ranges for our premium accounts, we call ASG to help develop luggage solutions which truly capture the spirit of the brand."

Helen Brennan, Procurement Manager - Brand Addition

January 2009


Operating under the 4imprint name, Brand Addition has developed a portfolio of corporate clients, which has made them one of Europe’s largest merchandise solution providers.

Brand Addition represented the sourcing and imprinting of world-class merchandise, a characteristic that is core to their business. They have the knowledge, capability and experience to add something extra to any brand.

ASG’s relationship with Brand Addition started in August 2006 when we were approaching promotion & incentive distributors with our own bespoke bag design, development & supply service. We wanted to take our branded & retail knowledge to the promotional industry, and offer true ‘bespoke’ product – product that featured corporate elements such as coloured linings, specially branded fittings, unique product features – all tailor designed & made to order with the needs of the client in mind.


Why were leading corporate brands buying standard bags ‘off the shelf’ and simply applying logos to finished goods?

Was this sending out the correct message to the users of these corporate bags, and were the people responsible for product selection aware that a better, more dynamic solution was available?

How could we assist Brand Addition Account Managers in the promotion of the bespoke bag design, development & supply opportunity?


Every account manager attends a client meetings, corporate tenders or product presentations with certain ‘tools’ – laptop, presentation folders, catalogues, business cards, pads & pens, samples and free hand outs etc. All transported in bags of some kind, probably some form of standard business folio or holdall. These would either be plain un-branded bags, or branded with another clients logo.

ASG’s vision was to support Brand Addition by supplying all Account Managers with Brand Addition branded bags – folio, lap top sleeve/underarm business case, and trolley case. This way not only would they attend any meeting with functional product, but also present the Brand Addition image and service offer in the most professional manner.

Within the product development process, the ASG design team used unique materials, trims and fittings, plus incorporated interesting Brand Addition branding & highlights of corporate colour. This would allow the Account Managers to promote the bespoke bag design & supply opportunity within any meeting – their clients too could purchase made-to-order bags & luggage featuring corporate elements that sent out the very best corporate & brand statements.


Good looking, functional & professional products.

All Brand Addition Account Mangers are now actively using Brand Addition branded bags & luggage, and project enquiries for bespoke bag designs & supply have increased.

Helen Brennan, Procurement Manager – Brand Addition said the following:

“Brand Addition have been working with the ASG team for almost 3 years now.
When we’re creating ranges for our premium accounts, we call ASG to help develop luggage solutions which truly capture the spirit of the brand. Their ideas and professionalism are second to none – experts in their field they continue to introduce new designs, methods of manufacture and branding for us to show to our clients.

Brand Addition relies on suppliers who can offer world-class products and services as well as meeting our stringent vendor controls. ASG meet our criteria for manufacturing products for the world’s biggest brands.”

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