Bag Manufacturers

Introduction to made to order bags

Due to our diverse corporate product & service offering, we are able to spread our skills into every area of sales & distribution within these made to order bags sectors.

We have supplied Branded bags goods to global sports & lifestyle brands, own label products directly to High Street Retailers & Mail Order companies, supplied Licensed products to international retailers, & products to Corporate brands for sponsorship events, Promotions & Incentives. More recently ASG Europe has developed various products for the Specialist Bespoke, Industrial and Health & Safety sector.

It’s very common to see ASG made to order bags on the high street that we have supplied to brands, or being used by business commuters that are customers of corporate banks or mobile phone brands etc. We have also lost count on how many ASG bags we have seen passing through international airports as we ourselves travel on business or with our families on holidays UK!

We are the support behind the brand bags, behind the retail buyer, behind the promotional distributor, and behind the product manger within the industrial corporation. This is why we stand by our strap line ‘the brand behind the brands UK’.

We can and will support your project, and as you flow through this site you will see how experienced we are and gain an understanding on how we can work together.