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The Youth Sport Trust

23rd September 2010

ASG gains supply relation with The Youth Sport Trust.

We are proud to announce that ASG has started the supply of sports related bags & luggage to The Youth Sport Trust. This makes us proud in many ways, but mainly because we strongly believe in their focus and ambitions.

Please read the following extract from the Youth Sport Trust website ‘about us’ page.


The Youth Sport Trust (YST) is an independent charity, established in 1994 by Sir John Beckwith CBE and Duncan Goodhew MBE, with a mission to build a brighter future for young people through PE and sport.

They are focused on creating a world-leading PE and sport systems that reach, inspire and engage all young people – whatever their age or ability.

The YST focus

YST are working hard to encourage all young people to take part in five hours of PE and sport each week, both in and out of school time.

They encourage children to do more PE and sport by developing different ways of getting them interested and involved. This can be everything from running training camps for the next generation of Olympic hopefuls, or using sport as a way of helping youngsters who may be struggling at school or introducing new ways for young people to lead and volunteer in sport in their community.

YST supporting school sport

The Youth Sport Trust supports 501 Sports Colleges and Academies that exist across all parts of England. These schools use their curriculum specialism in sport to raise standards, achievement and attainment across all subject areas.

Many of these Sports Colleges and Academies also act as hub sites for a network of 450 School Sport Partnerships. These networks of local schools exist to improve the number and quality of sporting opportunities available to young people and include every state school in England. They also play an integral role in providing competitive sporting opportunities for young people and increasing levels of participation.

There is a growing belief that PE and school sport can make a major contribution to many agendas – educational achievement, public health, community cohesion and, of course, sporting performance at the highest level.

We want to help young people to live healthy and active lives and to be the best they can be. Sport can be used as a great way to help them achieve this.
To find out more about The Youth Sport Trust, please visit their website:

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