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Bag & Luggage Specialists….we would say so!

21st June 2010

Bag & Luggage Specialists…we would say so!

Since the launch of our revised web site back in 2009, we have a received many new and exciting enquiries.

These have ranged from shop sign covers to new global fashion collections, from new innovations within the outdoor response & rescue sector to problem solving designs for bus driver bags, from document archive bags to neoprene beach bat bags, from leather goods for Christian churches to a new innovative approach to car roof storage units!

To say ASG Europe Ltd HQ has been busy will be an understatement. But although some of these enquiries have come from sectors outside of our normal reach, it’s proven that there are certain companies (and individuals) with great ideas and a need for bespoke & specialist products.

We are just happy they all managed to find us through the sea of sub standard suppliers!

ASG Europe Ltd have tackled every single enquiry with equal passion and in many ways, learnt a lot from such business opportunities. Some customers have brought us their visions and required the full ASG design, development and supply support service. Others have already progressed the design & development but started to stumble at the manufacturing stage. Either way we have been able to offer many solutions and progress towards real market worthy products. Some will hit the stores later this year, and we are all waiting with great excitement to see everyone’s hard work become reality!

Should you have a new bag, luggage or accessory project that requires expert & specialist attention, please feel free to get in touch. We will be more than happy to share our knowledge, terms, views and expert advice. We know how exciting the whole product realisation process can be, and we hope you too can get the feeling!