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ASG supplies PACE rehabilitation with Paralympic Bags

11th September 2012

Right from the start, PACE has been at the forefront of developments within their field. They were the first independent organisation of their kind, offering clients access to a wide range of rehabilitation professionals delivered by a single provider.

Their clinicians come from many fields – prosthetics, orthotics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic services, with access to surgery and other related medical areas. They work as a close-knit responsive team focused on a patient’s individual needs.

As part of their services to their clients, they wanted to provide transit bags for the prosthetic products they supplied. This would not only offer greater protection to the products they supply, but also raise awareness to their brand & it’s positivity.
PACE approached ASG to undertake the design, development & supply, which we are glad to report has been achieved with real success. Not only will the bags be provided to their general clients, but they were also supplied & used by their London 2012 Paralympic athletes such as Colin Lynch, member of the the Irish Track & Pursuit Cycling team (see below).


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