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ASG & Handi Life Sport go Hand in Hand

6th February 2014

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Handi Life Sport is a Danish company founded in 1987. The mission of the company is to manufacture and sell high quality balls for petanque and boccia – also called bocce – as well as soundballs for the visually impaired. They also produce other types of equipment especially directed towards senior sports and disabled sports.

It is essential to them that their sports equipment is produced responsibly in terms of the environment and people. All of their products are free of PVC and child labour is not used in the production.

Due to the excellent quality of Handi Life Sport’s boccia balls, they have been used at all significant international boccia competitions since the Olympic Games for the Disabled in Seoul 1988. Handi Life Sport boccia balls were used at the Paralympics in Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 & London 2012.

For many years Handi Life Sport has supported the international sport of boccia by sponsoring a large number of international competitions.

Handi Life Sport approached ASG for the development & supply of their bag & luggage needs, as they noted we have other customers from the same sports health & aiding arenas. They were also impressed that we are able to offer tailored designs & products to their specific needs, something they had struggled to find via past suppliers.

We are now working with Handi Life Sport on various bag products. Some are simple carrying aids, but others are more precise & unique to their brand requirements.

Here you can see the various boccia bag & luggage items, being displayed by the wonderful Turkish boccia players.

To find out more about Handi Life Sport, please visit their website or facebook page: