Bag Manufacturers

This sector is another one that is close to ASG Europe’s heart & DNA. We have been involved in Technical & Outdoor bag & luggage products since we established in 2000.

Products have become far more technical in recent years, and this is due to the high quality levels within ASG Europe’s global manufacturing facilities, the fantastic array of fabrics, trims & hardware which is available in the modern day world, and the amazing ability of the human brain – every year within the Technical & Outdoor sector more & more boundaries are being pushed, and ASG Europe is proud to be part of it.

The range of products & features that ASG Europe & our associated global manufacturing facilities offer includes, technical hiking packs, innovative cycling backpacks, hydration & bladder controlled units, high frequency welded dry bags, super lightweight bags, seam sealed technology, body armour, impact protection bags, security & anti theft bags, technical day packs, harnesses & many more.

Meeting the high expectations of brands within the Technical & Outdoor arena, is never an easy process, but one ASG Europe & our associated global manufacturing facilities always achieves with great success.

Many Technical & Outdoor product managers, production directions & brand buyers alike have experienced the ASG Europe services. All experienced great results, professional handling & management. Many brands have been with ASG for many years, proving that the long standing commitment between customer & ASG is a day to day routine. We never stop.

Below is a small selection of the previously developed Technical & Outdoor styles. Many other products we have supplied cannot be shared on this platform, mainly due to our commitments to professional manufacturing agreements.

Backpacks & Messengers

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Kit bags

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Performance bags

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