Bag Manufacturers

Innovation is an integral part of our design service. It requires some innovation to give a simple promotional product the subtle twist that helps it, and the brand, stand out in a sea of sameness. However there are some design briefs requiring a little more. Blue-sky projects to test the grey matter.

Here’s an example, the 8Ball Wrap.
The leading street soccer brand got in touch recently. “We’re launching the coolest new football. It’s a patented design, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Can you design a equally cool new bag to carry the ball?”

We didn’t hesitate. “Yes we can.” Great brief.

Even with an open brief like this we worked quickly, adhering to our procedures – research, brainstorm ideas, sketches, mock-up models to test & prove the concept, material selections, client design reviews & sign off, specification drawings, start sampling, refine the concept, final sampling.

Both the client and our team were pleased with the result. We presented a totally new ball-carry concept at similar price to conventional solutions which also became a great statement for their brand. Not only that, it’s patented. We’re now helping the client develop the concept into new applications to maximise the potential, and profitability, of this innovation.

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