Bag Manufacturers

Since the launch of our website and in reaction to our growing exposure, ASG Europe have recently undertaken various projects within the Specialist Bespoke, Industrial and Health & Safety sectors.

These projects have ranged from Tool Bags for the MoD, to specialist carrying bags for NHS Breathing Equipment, to Fall Safety Back Packs, to Industrial Rope carrying bags. The project & client list is constantly expanding.

So supplying this sector has now become an extension of our core & traditional services. ASG Europe applies the same principles to this sector as we do to all others we trade within, covering expert design, development, compliant sourcing & supply.

We are being approached ever more by companies requiring focused attention and professional services, and the ASG Bespoke supply option is proving to be a very cost effective option.

So many times, companies know what they want but at times really struggle to locate a working partner whom can assist them in their requirements and challenges. ASG Europe is passionate about building customer relations, and will gladly discuss any potential project. Once taken on, the project will gain ASG Europe’s full expert knowledge & professional work ethics.

Taking the risk factor away is also a major benefit, as many companies hit many restrictions when trying to communicate on a day-to-day basis with international factories. ASG takes control of these business elements and channels all project communication through our global network of manufacturing partners.

To view some of the products that we have designed, developed & supplied within this sector please click to our Products page